The Castle Keepers

From three beloved authors comes a collection of stories that examines questions of healing, legacy, and love against the rich backdrop of a historical castle—and its adjoining poison garden.

Leedswick Castle has housed the Alnwick family for generations. But the world around it is changing, and secrets that have long been buried will soon come to light.

1899: Beatrice, an American, seeks the legitimacy of a British title to add prestige to her fortune. She hopes for love in her marriage of convenience to Charles at Leedswick Castle, but she finds herself entangled in a generations-long family intrigue.

1917: Tobias, eventual heir of Beatrice and Charles, finds himself convalescing at Leedswick from the battlefields of World War I with a scarred face. Elena is the young artist tasked with painting a realistic mask for the isolated hero, and they both learn to find beauty and love in unexpected places—but disaster lurks just outside the castle walls.

1945: Alec finds himself the heir to Leedswick, but he carries the burden of shell shock from his time in World War II. He seeks to make the castle into a refuge for those who are similarly troubled, calling upon a renowned psychologist and the doctor’s niece, Elisa, to help him. Through the generations, the castle is both shelter and prison, haunting and home. It is only when its inhabitants look inward that they can free both the castle and themselves from the shackles of the past.